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// how far can i fly?//

i’m standing here in an empty place

white feathers off my wings falling slowly to the ground

now fading to the black ness

and as they are fading im hit with this sarrow in my soul

 its as though all the stars have left

like the past people i met moving like misguided ghosts.

i had my wings dented by love

feathers falling out by hope for a brighter day.

i use to soar the sky and at  night 

i’d  sit in the trees and listen to the wind howl.

now my wings are broken  . 

so i walked days on days to find a shore

they say when its all or nothing 

its sucess or death.

so i go to the clif 

as i begin to fall i believe i can die for this. 

just tell the man:

id die trying to be free  

so put this down as; homicide sucide

either way my whole life i cried.

as i fell heavens cried  the rain drops fell upon me.

and  i rembered birds are chanined to the sky. 


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Mr. Hudson There Will Be Tears
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Nicki Minaj Starships
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Marilyn meets PlayBoy, 1952-1953 by John Florea


Marilyn meets PlayBoy, 1952-1953 by John Florea

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Marilyn singing, “Anyone can see I love you”, Ladies of The Chorus, (1948)

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Daisy and Donald Duck’s date in Walt Disney’s Donald’s Crime (1945)

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